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Vacuum valve installation and application

1. Before the vacuum valve is installed, the pipeline system should be flushed and cleaned to prevent the dirt, such as welding slag and oxide scale, from flowing into the valve, which affects the normal operation of the valve.

2. The vacuum valve should be installed in a place that is easy to operate and repair, and the vertical device is on the horizontal pipeline. It should be noted that the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline is the same as the direction indicated by the arrow on the valve body, and should not be reversed.

3. When the vacuum valve is used in the device, the shut-off valve on the bypass line should be turned over to sweep off the condensed water and steam-water mixture in the pipeline to prevent the water-pressure phenomenon from being damaged when the pressure-reducing valve is opened. After no abnormality, slowly rotate the screw clockwise to adjust the outlet pressure to the required pressure (according to the valve back pressure). After adjustment, lock the lock nut and screw the protective cover.

4. The filter should be installed before the vacuum valve. Do not let the impurities in the medium enter the pressure reducing valve, which will affect its performance.

5. There should be a straight pipe before and after the pressure reducing valve of the device. The length of the straight pipe before the valve is about 600 mm, and the length of the straight pipe behind the valve is about 1000 mm.
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