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Nickel-based alloy reactors are widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticides, dyes, medicine, food and other industries. They are pressure vessels used to complete sulfidation, nitrification, hydrogenation, hydrocarbonation, polymerization, condensation and other processes, such as reactors, Reaction pot, decomposition pot, polymerization kettle, etc.

Nickel metal is almost silver-white, is a hard and malleable and ferromagnetic metal element, which can be highly polished and resistant to corrosion. At normal temperature, nickel forms a dense oxide film on the surface of humid air, which not only prevents further oxidation, but also resists the corrosion of alkali and salt solutions. Nickel-based alloy reactor is mainly used in strong alkali and salt solution environment. The reactor is used for chemical production of dyes and dye intermediates or other alkaline media.
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